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Below is a list of all the modules I have completed



ICAWEB429A - Create a markup language document (HTML)
ICAA4041C - Determine and confirm client business expectations and needs
ICPMM321B - Capture a Digital Image
ICAWEB410A - Apply web authoring tool to convert client data for websites
ICAWEB409A - Develop Cascading Style sheets (CSS)
ICAWEB411A - Produce basic client side script for dynamic web pages
ICAD4198B - Develop guidelines for up-loading information to a website
ICAD4043B - Develop and present a feasibility report
ICAWEB402A - Confirm accessibility of website for people with special needs
CUSADM08A - Address copyright requirements
CUFMEM07A - Apply principles of visual design and communication to the development of a multimedia product
ICAWEB424A - Evaluate and select a web hosting service
ICAA4142B - Design a Website to Meet Technical Requirements
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